What’s New At The Body Shop?

What’s New At The Body Shop? (*)

The Body Shop are infamous for their fruity new ranges that smell so good you wish you could eat them however their latest range is a little less fruity and a little more caring.

The Almond Milk & Honey Body Care collection is formulated for those with sensitive skin and dry skin. According to their research 1 in 3 people have this skin type and have racked up over 270,000 Google searches for remedies over the last year – wow.

But they can’t stray away from their signature scented ranges and rather than create a sensitive product that is stripped down (like most sensitive skincare products) they’ve added their own twist. Their range combines nourishing and restoring ingredients with textures and a subtle hypoallergenic fragrance for a more enjoyable experience.

Using trade almond oil from Spain and trade honey from Ethiopia, The Body Shop has created yet another range that cares for the environment as well as your skin.

So what products are in the range? As well as a cleansing bar, hand cream and bath milk they have…

Soothing & Restoring body Lotion
This stuff is incredibly light weight, has a non-greasy feel and helps to protect against uncomfortably itchy or dry skin.

Gentle Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub
Infused with crush almond shells to help gentle buff away dead skin cells without harming the skins surface.

Soothing & Caring Shower Cream
A soap free shower cream specially formulated to moisturise and cleanse the skin whilst balancing out the skin’s PH levels.

Soothing & Restoring Body Butter
A heavenly rich body butter helps to deeply nourish and protect the skin with a non-greasy barrier.

What else is new at The Body Shop?

As well as their latest Almond Milk & Honey Body Care Range, there’s also my new favourite facial exfoliate that I just can’t get enough of…

Drops Of Youth – Youth Liquid Peel
This product is a revolutionary skin peel that contains natural ingredients such as citric acid, castor oil and samphire. The peel itself helps to lift dead skin cells to leave your skin clear, soft and feeling fresh. I’ll be the first to admit that the application is a little weird. The gel like liquid turns into tiny balls of product (or dead skin – I’ve no idea which) once massaged into the skin. However it’s so satisfying to know that your skin is removing any unwanted dead skin cells and the results of smoother, brighter skin are totally worth the messy application.

The Body Shop Fragrance – Bowhanti Spicy Woods
Inspired by the world, The Body Shop has created a five immersive new eau de parfumes created from natural scents. Natural scents that could if not protected might disappear from the world altogether. Using non-destructive technology the essence of each botanical is extracted without harm, allowing it to live on.

The scents themselves are from Switzerland, Polynesia India, Amazonia and South Africa. I was kindly sent the Bowhanti scent inspired from French Guiana, Amazonia. A spicy wood scent that contains a blend of smoky patchouli that creates a deep, fully bodied scent that has a mysterious seduction.

Beki Xo

(*) As part of this blog post I was gifted The Body Shop products in return for an honest review