Vegan Menu at Mr Cooper’s Midland Hotel Review

Vegan Menu at Mr Cooper’s Midland Hotel Review

Last weekend I was kindly invited to try out the new vegan menu at Mr Cooper’s, a restaurant situated in the 4* Midland Hotel, Manchester.

Now, hotel restaurants have never been famed for their catering towards vegans with their options typically consisting of mixed melon starter, some sort of falafel main and you might get lucky with a sorbet to finish.

However I was completely blown away by the options at Mr Cooper’s. Not only was there a separate vegan menu provided (saving you from a game of Where’s Wally for vegan dishes) but the choices of food where far from your usual falafel salad or mixed veg stir fry.

With a delicious gin ‘First Word’ cocktail in hand (obviously gin) I ordered the pardon peppers and smoked aubergine which when it arrived i practically whipped out my camera as quick as i could to dive in. The smoked aubergine packed a punch with a sweet flavour accompanied by chilli’s, tahini, pomegranate seeds and tiny onion rings. It was mouth watering. And the best part is you can order it as a main and receive a bigger portion. So when I return I’ll definitely be doing that!

For the main It was a struggle to decide which for me is a bonus as typically there’s only 1 vegan option and that’s that in most restaurants. But I opted for a warming sweet potatoe, lentil and coconut curry and boy-o-boy was it delicious and an incredibly generous portion too! Accompanying the main was a bottle of Stopham Estate, one of the smoothest pinot gris’ I’ve tasted and straight from the vineyards of Sussex. I’ve never tasted a english wine but let’s just say it’s now on the top of my wine list *wink*. 

Now lets talk about dessert. Dark chocolate and nut tart, Orange polenta cake with pineapple or a Fruit salad. Well it’s going to be the dark chocolate isn’t it? With a soy latte on the side the dessert arrived (which, let me just mention how attentive the staff are!) and I knew I’d made the best decision out of the three desserts. A crunchy, earthy nut base and thick dark chocolate tart sitting on top. With a sticky date like indulgent texture and fresh mango sorbet (#luckysorbet) it couldn’t of been a better choice to finish of a 3 course meal and ALL vegan too. 

With an a relaxing, warm and tranquil atmosphere that’s far from the usual crashing of plates, muttering of staff whizzing by and an overflow of people (which is what i imagine hotel restaurants to be), the experience was  far from your typical restaurant situated in a hotel. Great food, great staff, great atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re looking for a date night venue. 

Beki Xo