This Week In Photo’s (2)

Home made red wine casserole. Wednesday Mojito’s. A good makeup day. My dog smiling. Donning wellingtons for last weeks rain. Manchester NQ in the sun. Home made greek pizza. My sad “please” face. Northern Quarter street art. ChelseaDoll competition bracelet. Manchester sunset. Last weeks outfit post.

I had a great week last week making home made pizza’s, splashing in puddles like a big kid and midweek drinking of mojito’s and cider. However i have a confession  (which Im sure every girl does) that after rifling through my wardrobe to try and become at least a “little” organised. I found shoes, clothes and jewellery, still with their tags attached and unworn. And because of this i have now banned myself from buying any new clothes untill Ive worn these items at least twice. *rushes to put them all on and off and on and off* But to also post a couple outfits with them too! Because although they seem to have been forgotten easily i am so glad i found them!

I hope to stick by my “no buying till you’ve tried twice” rule – however i have never accomplished this in the past so i may “accidently” forget and fail.