Think Twice About Your Tonic Featuring Double Dutch

Ever wondered why premium tonic waters are considerable more expensive than the supermarket own brand versions? The price gap reflects the quality which in turn affects the taste of your G&T. Basically there’s no point in drinking an expensive gin with cheap tonic, because honestly? You’re ruining your G&T.

To make a tonic cheaper ingredients are swapped out for artificial ones such as sucralose or the worst offender ‘saccharine’. An artificial sweetener that is known in the industry as the cheapest and worst tasting sweetener that leaves a bitter taste in the back of your mouth. A quick way to tell if your tonic is cheap is the larger the bubbles the more chance is contains an artificial sweetener. Something you should definitely check out at ‘happy hour’!

But before you go running to the tonic aisle and subconsciously grabbing what I call ‘the popular kids’ (Fever Tree or Fentimans) look a little further because there’s a new kid in town who’s mixer’s are bringing the DJ to your gin party.

If you’re looking for a subtle tonic that appreciates those complex flavours of gin and enhancing the multitude of botanicals… let me introduce you to Double Dutch who’s mixers and sodas perfectly fit the creative brief.

Double Dutch was founded by Dutch twins Raissa and Joyce de Haas. Raised in the Netherlands (birthplace of gin) these ladies know a thing or two about superior drinks and unbeatable blendings. To which came their disappointment at the pace of which mixers have kept up with the increasingly open-to-experimentation spirits industry. So with two minds at work the perfect pair came up with a line of deliciously delightful double Dutch drinks brand which offers a range of mixers that can add a little something to your next G&T or be sipped solo.

I first discovered the brand when I was invited to try out a new cocktail menu at a one of Manchester’s Hidden Cocktail Haven’s and instantly noted down the name to see what other flavour packed tonics they had to offer. From the classic skinny tonic and indian tonic water to the more creative pomegranate and basil, cranberry, cucumber and watermelon and the exciting ginger beer and ginger ale.

Double Dutch tonics really do take your G&T to the next level enlivening  and enhancing the unique flavours of gin, creating this instant refreshing love affair.

Beki Xo

(*) As part of this review I was gifted the Double Dutch sodas and tonics however all opinions, imagery and wording is mine.