The Yankee Candle Festive Challenge

Less than 3 weeks until Christmas and I’m finally feeling the seasonal spirit. So, when Yankee Candle challenged me to celebrate their ‘Baby Its Fun Outside, Cosy Inside’ theme by creating my own cosy festive theme, I jumped at the chance to get involved in some Chritmassy fun.
For me, Christmas time is all about buying the fluffiest lounge wear, prepping my party nails, drinking copious amounts of tea or hot chocolate,watching nostalgic festive movies, lighting candles and generally enjoying being ‘cosy inside’. 
From their Christmas Gift range I indulged in a pamper evening with their Melt Warmer Giftset, Twelve Melts Tube Gift Set, Winter Flurries Jar Holder and a Christmas Eve candle! I know my Mum would absolutely love these gifts so I’ll be taking them over on Christmas Eve for a scent filled few days. 
The festive scents…
Sparkling Snow – A fresh, clean and natural scent that conjures up nostalgic memories of carefully unboxing glass baubles as a child
Christmas Eve – A warm scent of sugared fruit, fresh pine needles and a slight spice. Distinctively reminds me of putting the presents under the Christmas tree ready for the next day.
Christmas Garland – A fresh, seasonal scent with the distinctive aroma of freshly cut pine and tangy berries again bringing back that child hood memory of choosing the tree.
Icicles – A crisp clean and forest like scent with undertones of cinnamon, A cosy reminder of a cold white Christmas.
Snowflake Cookie – A deliciously festive scent with rich vanilla and sugary pink icing, a sweet reminder of all the treats and goodies to indulge in over the Christmas period.
Christmas Cookie – A rich, buttery and irresistible aroma of freshly baked cookies conjuring up fond memories of cookies and milk on Christmas Eve!
Spiced Orange – A ginger and fresh orange scent with notes of cinnamon that remind me oven dried orange slice decorations my mum would place into a beautifully decorated wreath.
Cranberry Ice – A cool, fresh and fruity scent that would be perfect for lighting upon serving mulled wine!
Angel Wings – A sugary flower petal scent that instantly smells familiar, an airy scent that strangely reminds me of packing away all the Christmas decorations.
Wild Fig – A rich and fruity aroma with a warming tang that instantly reminds me of baking desserts ready for Christmas Day.
Season of Peace – A cool, enchanting and musky scent that would be perfect lit on the 12th day after Christmas to freshen the home.
Candy Cane Lane – A creamy vanilla and zingy peppermint scent with undertones of fresh cookies. A beautiful reminder of my Nan and Grandads Christmas tree decorated with edible candy canes!
Black Cherry – A deep and deliciously sweet scent that would be perfect for relaxing on Boxing day.
Beki Xo