The Winter Scarf Round Up

I’ll hold my hands up and confess that as soon as the temperature drops I suddenly develop an unhealthy obsession with large cuts of material known as scarves.

Shoes, jackets, hats and scarves are far more visible in winter as fashion gets hidden away behind the layering. Winter style becomes more about accessories and for me a chunky scarf can not only keep you snug from the frost but can also change the look of an outfit and become a statement piece.
So I don’t end up with over flowing drawers of winter warmers, I’ve managed to narrow my scarf collection down to 5 styles of scarves you need in your wardrobe and 5 styles I’ll be wearing this winter…

The Tartan Twist
A cosy Snow White twist on the classic tartan scarf. This incredibly snuggly oversized scarf/ shawl is my ultimate winter accessory and a favourite of the bunch. I wear a lot of ‘basics’ so this fits in perfectly, adding pattern and texture to my casual day time outfits and it was a bargain price from Primark!
The Fur Stole
Nope, it’s not an animal. This bundle of non-living fluff lasted me through the whole of 2013’s cold winter months. Fur stoles are great to jazz up a plain old coat as they look as though they’re attached and there for also look pretty darn awesome with a plain leather jacket. They’re the type of winter warmer that gives off that rock chick vibe, something to add a little edge that’s different to the good old traditional scarf. The shop I purchased this from is now closed but there are tons on EBay!
The Cashmere
The softest, comfiest and most beautifully woven scarf in my (not so small) collection. I think I picked this up in Prague as I was totally obsessed with its mustard shade; it’s not too wishy-washy nor too yellow! This scarf looks great with a monochrome style, so wearing a lot of black and white myself, it’s a great must have piece in my wardrobe.
The Light Weight
The perfect light white, chiffon style scarf for those days where you’re popping in and out of shops or the weather isn’t too cold. It’s that type of material that will keep you warm when you’re outside but you can also keep it on inside without melting away. This black and grey beetle and butterfly scarf is from Topshop and looks great teamed with a plain white tee for those days when you’re inside but want to accessorise with scarf.
The Leopard 
Leopard print is one of those patterns where it can either look completely right or completely wrong depending on the size/ colour/ texture and item. But once you’ve found the perfect style it’s a classic, playful print to set off a simple outfit. The only rule is that 1 item and 1 item only can be leopard print when styling an outfit, otherwise its overkill. I’ve had this scarf for years and years from H&M and typically team it with grey/ navy/ black or white pieces, it’s a faultless piece that adds a kind of modern  yet funky style to an outfit.

Beki Xo