The Sparkling Spiced Apple Gin Cocktail

The Sparkling Spiced Apple Gin Cocktail

Nothing tastes more like Christmas than cinnamon, am I right?

This sparkling, fruity apple and cinnamon cocktail is filled to the brim with downright delicious flavours. The perfect cocktail to freshen your palette before Christmas dinner or give you that little pick me up nudge after you’ve indulged on your festive feast. It’s the quickest and easiest cocktail to make that you can throw together without any shakers, makers and stirrers. 

The Sparkling Spiced Apple Gin Cocktail

50ml Gin
1 handful of fresh cranberries
Top with sparkling apple juice
1 Granny Smith apple
1 cinnamon stick

To make the cocktail look as great as it tastes I added a few cranberries into ice cube trays and froze them for a few hours to create festive cranberry ice cubes. If you haven’t got time you could pop a few into the top of your drink just to add a little extra something.

Pour 50ml of your chosen gin over the rocks (Tanqueray No10, Caorunn, Blackwoods Vintage, Death’s Door, Elephant, Greenall’s and Tesco’s finest aromatic gin are well paired with apple)

Add 1 cinnamon stick and a slice of apple

Pour the sparkling apple juice (Appletiser was my choice) over the cinnamon stick and top up the glass.

Stir the cocktail using the cinnamon stick and serve.

Beki Xo