The Rockabilly Trend Quest.

Rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music and emerged in the early 1950s. Its pretty much a mixture of looks from the 1940/1950s rock and country scene. The Rockabilly scene has always been a mishmash of all the trends from the 50’s, There was the less rebellious look sporting sweaters and pencil skirts, A total opposite to the one which I prefer being the more harder edge look of jeans, leather and tattoos. 
One woman that has influenced and revived the rockabilly/Pin-up seen is Burlesque performer, Actress and Model, Dita Von Teese. Reintroducing the 1940’s cinema and classic retro style with a touch of Gothic Rockabilly. With her sweet looking Pin-up exterior just not quite hiding that dark, pornographic and fetish love – she is one rebellious rockabilly. 

The Rockabilly look is pretty much versatile and all it comes down to is if you find yourself a tough cookie or a country home girl. Find yourself a sweet-heart? Knee length tea dresses, polka dots, waist cinching belts, frills, cute buttons, cherries, flowers, pastel colours and candy floss is your style.
A little more rebellious? Rock out with leather, metal, red&black, leopard print, skulls, tattoos, piercings, ray-bans and biker jackets.  

The big tip is too accessories and all you need for this look is a swipe of liner, a touch of blusher and a stick of red lipstick.

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