The Press Tent Event – Manchester

The Press Tent Event – Manchester 
A couple of weeks ago I attended The Press Tent Blogger Bizarre event at Yard and Coop in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.
A collective mix of blogger bizarre stalls such as Rock on Ruby and What Emma Did Boutique, food from Yard & Coop, cocktails from Luxardo and Licor43, fashion brands such as Style Skin and Twin Face Jewellery, beauty bars from Cake Cosmetics and Jen Nail Tech, workshops by Dom & Ink and calligraphy from Artsy Nibs.
It was a fun filled evening that meant we could discover new brands, make a purchase or two, sample cocktails, chow down on Yard & Coops tasty grub and take part in some fun and unique workshops… what’s not to love?
Not only did I have a lovely time catching up with some familiar faces but it was also great to meet some new bloggers, the people behind the brand and also discover The Press Tent’s first ever Blogger Review Box! Here’s what i think…

Honey Propolis Cream Cleanser
A 2 in 1 cream cleanser containing Honey, Rapeseed oil, British Propolis, Beeswax and Crambee seed to gently exfoliate and remove traces of makeup without drying out the skin. I’ve used the Propolis cleanser before and its perfect for when your skin needs a ‘deep cleanse’ to calm any breakouts and leave the face feeling clean as it has antibacterial properties.
One of my favourite popcorn brands, I typically reach for the Coconut and Vanilla flavour or Sweet and Salty so it was great to discover a new flavour in my review box to try. Just like the other flavours I’ve tried its packed with a tasty punch of flavour and is low in fat and calories making it the perfect snack!
Rosie Fortescue Gel Polish
I’ve get to paint my talons with this gel look nail varnish however I love the neutral sky grey shade that has a wintery feel!

Hotel Chocolate Christmas Mess (which I devoured)
I accidently (on purpose) devoured these Christmassy, meringue and cinnamon filled treats as soon as I opened the box. They looked incredibly festive and tasted absolutely divine as the meringue covered white chocolate melted in your mouth to reveal a spicy cinnamon centre.

Nerd Wax Glasses Wax
I don’t actually wear glasses but I do have a pair of cheap aviator sunglasses that refuse to stay put so it’ll be great to try this out in Spring when my peepers require shading from the sun.

Peanut Hottie Drink
I’ve spotted this brand a number of times when I’ve been browsing the hot drink isles in my local supermarket so I was a little excited when I spotted it in the review box. An intensely nutty, creamy yet light and slightly salted drink that was delicious but in small quantities, Im actually thinking of baking with it!
Luxardo Amaretto Drink
One of my favourite rum based liquors, this tipple can only be described as a dose of wintery heaven. I actually sampled a number of cocktails at the event which included a splash of Luxardo and they were incredibly delicious. An almond based liquor that works incredibly well with coke, lemonade, as a mixer or in a hot drink!
Halo Deodorant Wipes
I’ve get to dry the Halo Deodorant Wipes out but they’ve packed away in my overnight bag. They’re very useful for festivals, long flights, days out or weekends away when you don’t want to carry around a liquids or want to be a little more discreet when freshening up!
Lypsyl Lip Balm
I’ve used Lypsyl balms before and they’re great for moisturising the lips as well as protecting them from that winery cold bite!
So? With Attitude Body Spray
A nostalgic product hidden away at the bottom of the review box, flash back 10 or 11 years to when every teen girl had one of these in their Jane Norman/ Morgan bag or P.E kit! The scent of the So? Attitude is actually quite grown up and sophisticated compared to the one I think I had when I was 14 which I believe was the So? Kiss Me!
Licor 43 Drink
A smooth vanilla and citrus liquor that is made up of 43 ingredients, again I sampled a couple of cocktails with a splash of Licor 43 and they were incredible. It gave the cocktail a smooth bite to some simple ingredients.  
Beki Xo