The Plum Pleated Midi Skirt

Shoes-NewLook, Skirt-DorothyPerkins, Scarf-H&M, Bag-Promod, Hat-H&M, Watch-MarcJacobs, Tights-Primark, Necklace-H&M, Jacket- Primark, Tee-H&M
At the weekend instead of having our typical ‘Lazy Sunday’ lying around blogging, gaming, watching movies and drinking too much tea we decided that we’d venture out into the outskirts of Manchester.
We tend to this quite often now as we always stumbled across interesting abandoned buildings, coffee shop gems and hidden green spaces. We’ve been to a few of these spots before so I knew this time that I wanted to take my camera on and outing!  
I very rarely have the opportunity to style outfits and shoot them outside because as many of you know whilst blogging I also have a full time job, there for by the time I’ve been to work and got home it’s late evening and in this season pretty darn dark too. So whenever I have a couple hours free at the weekend I’ll research ideas, organise my blog posts, photograph my products or outfits and then on Sunday I’ll plan, edit, write and pull everything together.
But by having a spontaneous trip out this weekend and actually taking the camera along with me, it has made me realise that having my camera to hand makes ‘having the time’ to take outfit photographs super simple. It’s easy to whip out the digital camera or SLR and take a few shots whilst you’re in a coffee shop, walking around town or travelling for the day, then pulling them together to create an outfit or lifestyle post.

I enjoy styling up items of clothing and showing you guys how I like to wear them, so for 2015 I’m not only hoping to introduce more fashion and personal style into Smock To Frock but to take you along with me and create more lifestyle posts of places I like to eat, drink and visit!

Beki Xo