The Gingerbread Gin Cocktail Recipe Ft Portobello Road Gin

The Gingerbread Gin Cocktail Recipe (*)

My gin collection is rapidly growing and therefor so are my cocktail recipe ideas. You can’t beat a simple G&T or a classic Tom Collins but there’s something fun about understanding what ingredients work best to enhance or marry the botanicals within a gin.

Portobello Road Gin has enough alcohol strength to carry flavour of the 9 botanicals and push them through other ingredients contained in a cocktail. The taste of the gin itself has a fresh juniper and peppery palate that develops into a red berries and citrus finish. The 9 botanicals within the gin are juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica root, orris root, lemon peel, orange peel, liquorice root, cassia bark and nutmeg.

Because the gin contains both fresh and grounding flavours it works well with garnishes such as lemon peel, grapefruit, cinnamon, cherries and pear for a simple gin and tonic. But since Christmas is vastly approaching I couldn’t ignore those 2 spiced botanicals of cassia bark (aka cinnamon bark) and nutmeg to create something a little festive…

This recipe has a smooth festive taste with a slight sharpness of the gin making it perfect as a short drink… or a gingerbread man bath as I’ve been told it looks like!

The Gingerbread Gin Cocktail Recipe:

50ml – Portobello Road Gin
25ml – Gingerbread syrup (coffee syrup works great)
1 large egg white (helps smooth out the flavour and add that frothed top)
2 cubes of ice

  • Add the egg white into the cocktail shaker along with the ice
  • Next add the gin and the gingerbread syrup (less syrup if you prefer it less sweet)
  • Pop on the lid and shake until the the liquid sounds thick and the shaker becomes misty
  • Put the gingerbread man into the coupe cocktail glass and pour the liquid 
  • Next finish off scooping the foam on top of the glass and serve
Be sure to eat your gingerbread man before he drowns! 
The great thing about this recipe is how easy it is to tailor it to your taste. If you prefer the drink sweeter you can add more gingerbread, if you prefer it smoother you can add more egg white which doesn’t add flavour but helps to smooth out the liquid).

Beki Xo

(*) Disclaimer: As part of this blog post I was gifted the Portobello Road Gin however all opinions and the recipe are my own