The Gin Blush Cocktail Recipe ft Copeland Gin

The Gin Blush Cocktail Recipe ft Copeland Gin (*)

I know exactly what you’re thinking, this looks incredible right?!

Copeland Gin Raspberry and Mint is the latest to be added to my forever growing gin collection. For those of you who are familiar with Crowd Funder, this handcrafted gin fusion was created in a small rural town in Northern Ireland using local produce and crowd funded in 56 days by 383 supporters. There’s just something about supporting and buying from an independent who also supports local farmers that makes this gin stand out from the rest. 

The gin itself is 37.8% proof which means not only does it make a damn good G&T but it also works perfectly in cocktails. Being a big gin enthusiast I love my gin to taste, well, like gin and Gareth (the founder) couldn’t of created anything more fitting. Although the spirit has fruity and fresh flavours of raspberry and mint, it compliments rather than covers the aromatic notes of juniper. So although the unique colour of the gin makes it look a little like a liquor, it doesn’t really come close and anyone who loves the taste of gin will fall head of heels (after a few too many) for it.

When creating the cocktail I wanting something that would enhance the flavours as well as compliment them so I chose to add what was already there and throw in a splash of something extra. If you like fresh, fruity and floral cocktails, you’ll love this…

The Gin Blush Cocktail Recipe: 

60ml – Copeland Gin Raspberry and Mint
4 large – Raspberries
1 Sprig – Mint
1 Handful – crushed or smashed ice 
Top with Elderflower soda

Using a balloon glass (or a tall glass) muddle 3 large raspberries 3 mint leaves

Add the smashed or crushed ice 

Pour over 50ml of Copeland Gin Raspberry and Mint

Top with elderflower soda and stir 

Garnish with 1 raspberry and a the left over sprig of mint

This would make the ultimate summer cocktail but it’s also perfect if you’re after something a little fresh and fruity.

I can honestly say that Copeland Gin is in my Top 5 gins and quite possibly running into first place! They also have a Rhuberry Gin (rhubarb and blackberry) which would not only make another incredible G&T but I’m also thinking…pimp my prosecco! Will definitely be purchasing this as my next month’s gin.

Beki Xo

(*) As part of this blog was I was gifted the Copeland Gin in return for a review. However all opinions are my own as well as the cocktail recipe.