The Button Down Dress ft Marc B + Life Update

Bag – Marc B (*) , Dress – Newlook, T-shirt – H&M, Shoes – Topshop, Watch, Newlook, Hat – Dorothy Perkins, Necklace – Primark OOTD ft MarcB Bags + Life Update

The Button Down Dress ft Marc B + Life Update 

So, this month has been a little crazy. I’ve been moving into my new house and so blogging took a bit back seat whilst I ticked off house work, recharged my batteries and waiting for the Wi-Fi to be installed. To be honest, although having no Wi-Fi was a little inconvenient (especially as we have no TV) it was nice to have limited access to a world I get sucked into on a daily basis.

I managed to take a good week or so off, although after then I was itching to get back into my blogging routine. So I wrote down my ideas, took some photos and started planning a handful of up and coming posts. On one occasion (throughout these past few weeks) = I did manage to upload a blog post as I took full advantage of free Wi-Fi in the infamous Yard & Coop restaurant in Manchester. Even though I did feel a bit of a d**k whipping out my laptop straight after a lady recognised me from my blog…

But now I’m settled into my home and I have a connection to the internet, I’m feeling incredible inspired to change my style of writing on the blog. I want to make it more ‘me’ and stop overthinking my punctuation and grammar because I’m a blogger not a writer and I prefer to read things in the style of how a person speaks, so why am I not doing that?

On a side note of buying my first home, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying scrolling to death through Pinterest, buying all the home furnishings and generally creating the home I’ve always wanted. We’ve also been spending more time exploring, going on spontaneous walks and finally managing to grab an opportunity for an outfit post!

I’ve been wearing this button down maxi dress to death. It’s so damn comfortable and paired with a t-shirt looks effortless as I throw on boots, sandals or flats (although I’ve begun to realise that flat shoes aren’t the most comfortable for my arched feet).

We were popping into town and as the weather couldn’t make its mind up what it was doing, so I needed a bag that I could throw everything into. I remembered I had the Marc B Angel Pebble Grey shopper bag which I was kindly gifted by Marc B and thought that it was the perfect opportunity to for its first outing.

The bag itself is incredible spacious as I filled it with my regular items plus sunglasses, a light jacket, an umbrella and a parcel I needed to pop to the post office for! But the size isn’t too bulky and structured enough to keep its shape. Just like every Marc B bag the inside is lined with the infamous leopard print material, 1 zip pocket, 2 slip pockets for your mobile phone and an additional outer zip pocket. My favourite feature about this bad is the length of the straps, they’re not that awkwardly short length that means passers by become victim to your elbow as it protrudes outwards.They sit comfortable half way down the ribs to give you enough space to swing your arm in and the strap over your shoulder with out a struggle. The outside of the bag itself has a washed out pebble grey appearance which I first fell in love with. I’ve never owned a grey bag as I typically opt for black or brown with the odd autumnal colour in between so I’m pretty excited I now have this in my collection!

Beki Xo

(*) Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted a bag by Marc B to review however all opinions are my own.