The Brat & Suzie Tee Featuring My Pet Hedgehog

Brat & Suzie Hedgehog T-Shirt (*)

So if you don’t follow me on Instagram and you only loosely follow me on Twitter then you may not know that just over a year ago I adopted an African Pygmy Hedgehog. 
Her name is ‘Pokey’ due to her prickly exterior (if it wasn’t obvious) but if you haven’t held a pygmy hedgehog that you’ll be surprised to know that she isn’t that prickly at all!

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Very similar too wild hegehog, African Pygmy Hedgehogs sleep all day and are highly active at night (on a large exercise wheel) there for they are perfect for those whom are out of the house all day or are more of a night owl. Providing you are very patient (especially at the beginning) and can create time for a regular routine, hedgies will settle in and lose the ‘huffy’attitude
If you’re like me and watch a whole heap of You Tube videos just before you get a pet then you’ll know that pygmy hedgehogs can be very huffy (a noise they make to warn off predators) and uncooperative when trying to get them to unroll from a spikey ball. This wee madame was very much like this at the beginning but after a lot of time, patience and care she rarely ‘huffs’ and is more than happy to be woken up at the regular evening hour!
If isn’t obvious enough already you can tell I’m obsessed with African Pygmy Hedgehogs which brings me onto this incredible t-shirt design from Brat & Suzie whom are a London based brand that sells unique illustrated t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories designed by creatives. From cats to dogs to guineapigs and hedgehogs, their designs are impressively detailed and bespoke.
This tee pretty much sums up the life of a hedgehog with its cute wintery design and little prickly details! I’ve teamed it with a leather skirt and black suede chelsea boots to add some edge to a very cute design. The t-shirt material is very soft and loose, and I particularly love the wide cut neckline which is incredibly flattering! 

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Beki Xo