The Bold Red Backpack

The Bold Red Backpack

Those that know me well will know that I have a large collection of bags, they’re like my weakness when it comes to retail therapy along with scarves and boots (in the winter).  

It’s that one style item that can practically change a whole ‘vibe’ of an outfit but it’s also (I can’t believe I’m saying this but…) about practicality. If I know I’m heading out of town on a day trip I’ll more than likely use a backpack where my hands are free and I can throw as much of the ‘kitchen sink’ in it as possible and be comfortable. Where as if I just nipping into town to run some errands then I might swap it out for a small chain shoulder bag. *insert monkey covering eyes emoji*

But as we all know, you can literally pick up every style, colour and size bag that you lust over in the higher end stores with a four digit price tag for under £25 on the high street… hurrah for dupes! 

I’ll cut to the chase. This little Zara beaut was gifted to me for my birthday and although it isn’t something I’d typically pick up (as I’m not one for ‘colour’) I absolutely love it! Because I don’t wear anything other than black, white, grey and khaki it adds a pop of vibrancy and something a little bolder to my outfits. It has a sophisticated appearance with it’s structured material and silver hardware. It’s small-medium size makes it the perfect everyday back pack to add a touch bold style to a simple outfit.  

Beki Xo