The Black Boot Round Up

A good winter boot is a necessity and although its said that you’re better investing in that 1 pair that will last you through out the whole of winter, I’d rather spend that money on a few pairs instead. Tnever use to be a ‘shoe person’ but since the weather has gotten a little more ‘English’ should we say, I’ve become obsessed with boots and have soon realised a black boot isn’t just a black boot. There’s dozens of shapes and styles from the comfortable to the fashionable to the classic to the everyday boot.

So here’s 4 styles you need in your wardrobe:

The Gladiator Boot
A grunge style, leather look boot for those days when the suns out and the rain is tucked firmly away in the clouds. These boots look super cute paired with socks or tights and are ridiculously comfortable. The rubber sole means that they don’t ‘clomp’ as you walk and have a slight bouncy feel that cushions the foot when hitting the ground running. I grabbed these a year or so ago from Topshop but they are a firm favourite and I do believe are still available to purchase online/ instore!

The Suede Chelsea Boot
Might seem a bad idea to pick up a pair of suede boots in Autumn/ Winter but for those days where the weather isn’t so great you can spray on a bottle of ‘suede protector’, this ensures a waterproof coating to the shoe in which dirt can be brushed cleanly off. A suede boot adds texture to a plain outfit, looks great paired with a leather skirt (contrast) and for some reason I always think looks warmer than your standard leather boot due to its soft outer material. The Chelsea boot style is a classic and these pull on boots from H&M are comfortable whilst adding a little extra height with (again) a soft rubber sole.

The Cut Out Boot
Who doesn’t own a pair of cut out boots? They add an edgy, cool twist on the classic boot without looking too grunge or OTT. Similar to the gladiator style they look great with socks or tights and are very flatting around the ankle as the boot doesn’t cut you off but instead flashes a small amount of ankle/leg. They are the perfect statement boot to have in your wardrobe and the perfect footwear to add that extra ‘something’ to an outfit. I picked these up last year in Miss Selfridge.

The Full Boot
The ‘must have’ boot. Everyone needs a good full boot especially with the rainy weather. I’ve never been one for real leather as I find the material too stiff and they also then take a while too ‘break in’. These are my most recent purchase (last month) from New Look, they are actually a wide fit but with I’ve popped in an insole and they fit like a dream. The buckled sides are a standard feature on a lot of boots but what I really like is the zip that adds detail to the front of the boot. Full boots are generally a pain to find when it comes to the most flattering and less than snug fit around the ankles however I find that these fit perfectly leaving room for layering socks! The heel also sits a a comfortable 2 inch height that make them the perfect everyday boot!

Beki Xo