Strawberry & Basil G&T Ice Lollies

Strawberry & Basil G&T Ice Lollies

I’ve probably got a 4 hour window to post this before the weather turns to shit but who needs the sun as an excuse to have G&T ice lollies?!

Although a simple cucumber gin and tonic is pretty refreshing on a hot day, cocktail season is here and something sweet, tart, earthy and alcoholic (being the main thing) creates the perfect twist on your usual strawberry ice pop.

Making the ice lollies is pretty simple as long as you don’t go to town on the alcohol bit (which I’ve had to restrain myself from doing) because we all know alcohol doesn’t freeze.  If you do pop a bottle of gin in the freezer and it goes slushy it’s because the water in it has frozen but the alcohol hasn’t…

So what do you need? Aside from ice lolly moulds…

Strawberry and Basil G&T Ice Lollies (per lolly)
25ml gin (single shot)
1-2 basil leaves
2-3 strawberries  (1 for garnish)
Top with tonic

How to make it? (Multiply the below by how many moulds you have)

Add 25ml of gin to a cocktail shaker
Pop in 4 strawberry halves and 1-2 basil leaves depending on their size
Use a muddler to bash the ingredients together and release the flavours
Shake the cocktail shaker and strain into the ice lolly mould
Add a slice of strawberry and a tiny sprig of basil
Top with tonic

And it’s as simple as that! To make your classic G&T ice lolly it’s even easier. Pop in 25ml of gin into the mould, add a slice of cucumber and top with tonic!

Beki Xo