Rings & Tings Online Fashion Jewellery Review

Rings & Tings Online Fashion Store – Jewellery Review (*)
Hands up. I’ll admit I own A LOT of jewellery, probably too much to store away but never enough to for fill my obsession.
Then I was introduced to a jewellery hoarders treasure chest of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings by an online fashion store named Rings and Tings. They sell a lavish range of statement pieces for reasonable prices and by ‘reasonable’ I mean a major bargains.
Rings and Tings was formed by 2 creative students studying in London who set up a small boutique stall in Brick Lane market, East London selling bespoke rings and things. After Rings & Tings popularity grew they moved to a bigger office with a dedicated creative team in Hong Kong Island.
I’ve been looking to add more silver toned jewellery into my over flowing collection of decorative metals and I was lucky enough to choose a handful of items from Rings & Tings rather extensive range to show you.
I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with their delivery and considering its being sent all the way from Hong Kong it didn’t take that long to arrive. Upon receiving my items they were all conveniently packed into small resealing bags to stop them from being damaged or getting tangled and encased in either bubble wrap or a small brown cardboard box.
The jewellery itself looks considerably more expensive than its retail price and the items look impressively higher quality in person. I really love the unique twist this brand takes on simple fashionable jewellery that would otherwise cost a lot more on the high street.
You should check them out!
Beki Xo