Rework your vintage finds the easy way

No Sewing Machines Included.
You pick out a beautifully printed 1960’s tea dress from the vintage boutique around the corner, but it looks a little plain, the pockets are too wide and it doesnt nip in at the waist. Whatever you do, do not skip to the next rail. Apart from a little tweeking and adding abit more of a classic shape there’s nothing wrong with it right?

Most vintage vixens fear going anywhere near a classic timeless piece with a needle let alone a pair of scissors. But whats wrong with reinventing an item of clothing that once suited someone else but needs a little adjusting and maybe your creative touch.

First you should find your local haberdashery, its the best start off point to reworking and recreating a simple vintage piece. Buttons, ribbons, rope, bows, lace, tassles, fringeing, iron-ons, sequins, buckles, studs, motifs and pretty much anything to at least inspire your recreation or reinvention of that classic piece.

Componenets (the list above) are probably the easiest, quickest and most creative way to add an edgy twist or sophisticated touch to a vintage piece. You can wrap or attatch rope and ribbon around the waist of a sack style dress,  change the simple wooden buttons for something a little more eye catching or Add lace to the hem to add a touch of sophistication.

The secret tools of the trade are; fabric glue, sewing needles, an iron, cotton, iron on webbing (works like fabric glue and usually used on the back of motifs), a hair dryer, small tipped paint brush and some crafty hands to do the work.

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