Newly Discovered bespoke vintage jewellery online……

When it comes to searching out a great jewellery find, I for one insist on walking into every shop on the highstreet, flea market and back lanes, just to find a unique vintage looking piece of jewellery to fasten on, admire and show off.
But to be honest if you want a one off bespoke piece thats either real vintage or has a vintage look, the best place to get is online and its probably alot cheaper.

Typing “Bespoke handmade Jewellery” into Google and your guarenteed to be plowing through the thousands of vintage and handmade online boutiques.
One in particular I accidentley came across whilst trying to feed my vintage savvy fingers was a site called They handle in selling other peoples products online through their website.

“Every product on has a unique story, a journey of its own and a real connection to its maker. A mix of integrity, authenticity and design quality… we like to call them ‘Products with soul’” They do alot more than just jewellery…homeware, menswear, womenswear, gifts, art and tons more.

But having a browse through the jewellery section widened my eyes! Handmade gold studded bracelets, necklaces with gold plated cute fox faces, birds & swallows, love symbols, long vintage chain necklaces with hanging keys, glittering silver broaches, simple little cocktail rings and an array of anything else vintage!

Just a handful of my favourites!