My Top 5 Healthier Shop Bought Snacks

My Top 5 Healthier Shop Bought Snacks

I’m no nutritionists and I know that an apple may be healthier than a snack packaged in a wrapper by a bunch of people sat around a table. But some of us need something a little more than just a piece of fruit and convenience plays a big part in that.

So, what are my go to shop bought snacks you say? Well for when I’m needing to curb my sweet tooth, give my body some energy or simply want a guilt free snack, these are my favourites…


Gluten, wheat and dairy free natural cereal bars made entirely of natural ingredients such as fruits and nuts so vegans can rejoice. I love these bars for when that sugar cravings kicks in and all you want is a family sized bar of chocolate. They also have a huge variety of flavours but my favourites are; Gingerbread, Bakewell Tart, Cocoa Delight, Cocoa Mint, Cocoa Crunch and Café Mocha. The texture is a squishy, chewy consistency similar to dates (which is a main ingredient) however for those who don’t like the taste of dates I can assure you there isn’t a whiff of dates in site!

Bounce Energy Balls
Bounce Energy Balls have come under fire in the past as although they’re super high in protein and fibre, their sugar content has had nutritionist’s eyes rolling. However I find them perfect for times when you need a major energy boost or if you’ve missed lunch and need to grab something on the go as they’re incredibly filling. The gluten free and vegetarian balls are little pockets of energy rolled in tastiness with incredible flavours. My favourites? Coconut & Macadamia, Cacao & Mint and Apple & Cinnamon.

Bear Pure Fruit Yoyos

Yoyos are a baked, dried fruit roll made entirely of fruit and vegetables (well there’s a surprise!). They have a firm yet chewy consistency that make the perfect snack for when you’re craving that that bag of gummy sweets.

Urban Fruit Strawberries

Urban Fruit Strawberries are simply baked strawberries with a dash of apple juice to keep them sweet. They’re what I like to call the ‘au natural’ Haribo sweet. The chewy, small pieces make the perfect snack in between meals as well as keeping those pick ‘n’ mix cravings at bay if you’re after something to nibble on at the cinema!

Yushoi Snap Pea Rice Sticks
The Japanese inspired baked savoury snack that should come with a ‘moreish’ warning because they’re incredibly addictive. If you’re after a healthier ‘bag of crisps’ that has a little more crunch, flavour and as far from a boring rice cake as possible… these are the No1. They’re simply snap pea’s baked in rapeseed oil and seasoned with one of their flavours… salt, sweet chilli & lemon, Soy & Balsamic Vinegar, Smoked Salt or Szechuan Pepper.

Beki Xo