Recently I’ve began to part from the usual popular vintage stores in Manchester’s Northern Quarter because frankly, I haven’t stepped foot into some of the bespoke independent retailers for a quite a while and yet I live so close.

One store that always catches my eye is Thunder Egg, a cute little boutique with a funky edge. Its window display can’t be missed, with bespoke styled mannequins wearing a mix of styles that can guarantee at least 4 key items you will want for this season.

And so let’s just say my purse isn’t very happy I walked into Thunder Egg this weekend.
Pretty deer printed dresses, paper bag shorts, cozy winter knitted jumpers, quirky printed tee’s, gold bird cage necklaces, antler rings, polka dots, leopard, winter tones and super cute mail print bags!

If you shop at your high-street stores and always fall in love with the branded concession stands or looking for something that’s a little more quirky than vintage or highstreet. Bespoke shops are perfect and Thunder Egg is both on trend with colour yet keeping it bespoke and unique with style.

Thunder Egg also have an online store! –