For you vintage villians who have drooled over the webpages of the Lucy In Disguise site or have even gone as far as looking at train tickets to London to just be able to step into the store and rummage through their beautiful vintage pieces. STOP.

Lily Allen and Sarah Owen have introduced their own vintage inspired collection thats as stylish as its sewn on sequins. And they’re stocking it in Harvey Nichols’.

First stop – Manchester!

As of last Thursday Lily Allen and Sarah Owen landed in Manchesters well known rainy city but that didnt put them off the excitment of starting their Nation-Wide tour at Manchester Harvey Nichols’.

The Lucy In Disguise designers both wore pieces from their collection, Owen opting for a black jitter-bug prom dress on sale for £215 and a Allen in a bluebell blue Haight and Ashbury dress on sale for £145.

From pretty tea-dresses to wild cut jumpsuits to intricatly sequined flapper dresses. Their collection is inspired by pieces already bought for their Lucy In Disguise store with a Lily and Sarah personality twist.

Go take a look ladies. You won’t want to miss out;