Liverpool is known for having small corners of vintage boutiques hidden amongst it’s rather large and hectic High street.

And even though it’s the biggest vintage shop in Liverpool and a favourite of Alexa Chung,  not many know about the one-of-a-kind retro delight named “Raiders”.

With its fabulously dressed window display and antique interior consisting of, decadent wardrobes, over-sized arm chairs, huge rococo-esque style mirrors and teacup decorated shelves. You can already hear the stores contents shouting to be rummaged through.

The owner of this little or rather large treasure is vintage accessory designer Kelly Reid who’s mother owned a vintage/antique store back when she was young and so through her mother she became inspired to bring us seeking shoppers a vintage haven of our own.

You’ll find the store just down from Liverpool Central Station on Renshaw Street.
Be sure to take a visit as this little treasure ready to be found.

LookBook’s little Raiders