IWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit Review

I’ve wanted to get my teeth professional whitened for a while now but with extortionate price tag, it just isn’t worth thinking about. In the past I’ve used whitening tooth paste which didn’t really do a hell of a lot and also the infamous whitening strips you can only buy in America which did work but were a little too harsh and made my teeth quite sensitive.

So when I was given the chance to review a teeth whitening kit that is peroxide free, affordable and can be purchased in my local beauty store, I jumped at the chance. IWhite promises instant results from first use and uses calcium technology to not only whiten teeth but strengthen the enamel. The product lined trays make it easy to use, convenient and fuss free without causing any mess.

So how does it work? It’s as simple as tearing off the sealed foil to reveal the prefilled tray, popping it comfortably in your mouth without pushing too hard (as you need to keep the product contained) and waiting 20 minutes. The trays are comfortable to wear and the peroxide free formula doesn’t really have a taste however there is a small case of the dribbles!

After 20 minutes you can pop the trays into the bin and rinse your mouth thoroughly. The product does stick to the back of your teeth so I found better to brush them as normal. Did I see instant results after the first use? Not noticeably in the mirror however when I viewed the images on my camera I felt that they looked slightly lighter… slightly.
After 5 consecutive days of using IWhite for 20 minutes a day I had noticed that my teeth definitely looked a couple shades whiter, maybe not as much as 8 (mainly as my teeth weren’t that discolored before) but definitely around 3 shades whiter. The enamel that had worn away slightly at the tips of my teeth were now in fact less visible and the overall appearance has improved.
So would I buy this again? Definitely, for around £30 a box it’s does actually give noticeable results unlike some teeth whitening products. Maybe not extreme results that a professional would give but  enough to bring your confidence back!

Beki Xo