How To Relax…

How to relax…

People like to ‘relax’ in many different ways and that can be anything from going for a walk to taking a bath to meditation.

The internet is littered with thousands upon thousands of natural and unnatural ways to de-stress but what do I like to do to relax?

Drink Some Chamomile Tea
Chamomile is a mild sedative that contains natural properties to relieve insomnia and encourage the body to relax and unwind. A hot cup of chamomile tea with a squeeze of honey can also help to boost your immune system and cleanse the body. It’s the perfect drink to have if you’re feeling a little stressed towards the end of the day and require something natural to promote sleep.  

Light A Scented Candle

The Parks London Black Magic Candle is scented with white jasmine, ylang ylang, sandal wood and patchouli. It has an unusual yet incredibly relaxing smell that can only be described as that ‘spa’ like scent in a wax form. Lighting a scented candle can make such a difference to your mood, especially something with a more natural woody scent that promotes relaxation. This candle only needs to be lit for around 10-15 minutes before it the room smells like a tranquil spa.

Use An Essential Oil Diffuser (*)
Oil diffusers are the perfect, natural way to de-stress and induce sleep and the Organic Aromas Radiance Essential Oil Diffuser is a lot more than just your average diffuser. Not only does it look incredibly impressive with its hand-crafted wood and unique blown glass, it’s actually environmentally friendly and requires little energy to work.

The diffuser itself doesn’t require any heat or added water and uses a rule of physics that essentially pushes air up a narrow micro-tube that gets pressurised, meets with the essential oil (that has a different pressure) and therefor pushes tiny particles up and out of the diffuser… or something like that. All that is required is 20+ drops of essential oil to be poured into the diffuser, turn the dial and let it work its magic!

The product has a volume control that helps you decide how much oil you’d like to diffuse and also rainbow LED mood lighting to increase your mood. This is significantly beneficial for creating a relaxing atmosphere and something that I’ve always wanted in a diffuser!

I’m so impressed with this diffuser and couldn’t recommend it enough. It can instantly turn your bedroom into a tranquil space with just the drop of an oil and flick of a switch. The fact it doesn’t make a sound and is safe for the environment is a huge plus for me, not to mention it’s under £70 is amazing!

The oil I received with the diffuser is the Organic Aromas Signature scent which has an incredible deep wood yet citric smell that could be used either in the day or at night. The diffuser itself doesn’t work as well with thick essential oils (such as vetiver, sandalwood, frankincense, benzoin and patchouli) so it is advised to dilute these with almond oil.

I’m immediately going to buy a range of oils so I can mix and match the scents to suit my mood.

Take a bath
Taking a hot bath with a bath-soak or a bath bomb can be incredibly relaxing. For me, a bath not only helps to release toxins, moisturise the skin and reduce stress, it’s also a break from a busy lifestyle and social media. I’m a huge fan of taking of a bath as it’s the perfect time to think, meditate and have some ‘me time’. I probably take an average of 3 baths a week for 40-60 minutes!

Add Some Pillow Spray
If you’re not into the lavender scent then you’re not going to be the biggest fan of This Works Pillow Spray. However if you are then this can work incredibly well to aid in relaxing the mind during a quick nap or just before you go to sleep. I like to spray it on just before I go to bed to help towards a good night’s sleep (even though my partner hates it!).

What do you do to relax?

Beki Xo

(*) I was gifted the Organic Aromas Essential Oils Diffuser in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced by the brand.