Healthy Chocolate Coffee Mug Cake Recipe

Healthy Chocolate Coffee Mug Cake Recipe (*)

Coffee is a substance that i consume on a daily basis (without question), its also a type of flavour that I’m drawn too when it comes to cakes, drinks and chocolate. Expresso martinis, tiramisu and dark chocolate coated coffee beans are 3 of my favourite things to indulge in! So, in collaboration with a well known coffee brand Lavazza and their ‘Caffeinated Campaign’ to celebrate 120 years of Lavazza coffee I’ve experimented in the kitchen to come up with my very own healthy version of the infamous Chocolate Coffee Mug Cakes.

It’s something you can throw together just for yourself, takes 5 minutes and is pretty much guilt free!

You Will Need:
1-2 tsp coconut milk
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1/2 tsp ground coffee
3/4 tsp coconut oil
1 1.2 tsp Honey
2 small tsp Raw Cacao Powder
2 heap tsp Coconut Flour
1 pinch of baking soda
1 pinch of salt

How To:
1. Pop the coconut oil (in the microwave-safe mug) in the microwave for approx 20 seconds then add together the ground coffee, honey, vanilla extract and quickly whisk with a fork
2. Once the ingredients have blended together, add the coconut flour and cacao into the mixture and fold
3. Next pour in the coconut milk, baking soda and salt and mix the ingredients together until smooth
4. If the mixture looks a little too stiff add a drizzle of honey or a splash more of coconut milk. The texture should have a medium consistency similar to a standard brownie mixture.
5. Once the mixture looks smooth, pop it into the microwave for 35 seconds for a fudgey consistency or 50-60 seconds for a more sponge cake texture.

I did leave my mug in the microwave for a little longer than i wanted so it was more of a cake like texture than gooey fudge however once in the mouth the ingredients melted into guilt-free chocolate coffee goodness!

For more Lavazza coffee recipes visit their Recipe Page!

Beki Xo