Handmade Hidden Treasure – Woodchip Boutique! (+interview)

There are plenty of hidden vintage and handmade boutiques about, but sometimes the problem is they’re too well hidden.  One boutique I have to share with you is this little treasure that recently arrived in Affleck’s Palace in Manchester.

Owned by Donna and Kim, Woodchip Boutique is full of one-off wonders. You’ll be happy to discover; handmade leather bags and purses, cute one-off hair accessories, re- worked original vintage dresses, hand knitted head bands and untouched vintage pieces such as clutches, belts, shoes and eye catching earrings.  Their products are made from both new and used vintage fabrics, giving an added touch to a beautiful piece. 
But how did Woodchip come about, where do they get their materials from and what do they think about vintage, handmade and bespoke products? Well I thought Id ask for you…

What would say it is about handmade products that make them so desirable?
We think that they stand out and make people different in how they dress to the high street shopper all items are unique and one off so they won’t be standing in a club or walking down the street and see someone else in the same outfit

If you are buying vintage to wear yourself, where are your favourite places to purchase from?
 *We definitely recommend a visit to Affleck’s there’s lots of gorgeous little boutiques that are hidden gems 
How did you start off your vintage business?
 *We started on the Manchester fashion market on Tib St and in fact are still there this is also worth a visit while in Manchester lots of unique goodies

Where do you buy any materials and components from?
 *We spend hours sourcing nice vintage from all over it takes time and patience

What do you find is your best selling item is overall?
 *We have los of gorgeous things in the shop in Affleck Palace Manchester and also on Tib St people love the vintage dresses, purses and bags

Do you make personalized products for customers?
 *We make things and are happy to alter them while they have a wander or they can design a certain thing to specific colours etc

What would be your advice to someone wanting to start there own vintage/bespoke boutique or online shop?
 *Its very hard work have lots of patience and be prepared for the hard times as well as the good