Criminals and Crosses

Bag-Ebay, Necklace-MinimumMouse, Jumper-F&F, Skirt-Warehouse, Ring-Topshop

Finally was able to escape the flat this weekend with last weekend was filled with torrential downpours and general miserable skies that make you just want to stay in watching a marathon of movies and drinking tea…well for me anyway.
And so on Saturday we ventured out to the Manchester Moroccan Market down by St Ann’s Square in which beautiful woven carpets and prayer mats donned the floors of the stalls that were filled with pots, bags and hundreds of hanging Moroccan themed jewellery, decorations and charms. I love the detailing of The Hand Of Fatima and so i ended up buying two large key chains and a pendant in which I’ve turned into a necklace and will feature in my next post!

As for this post…..Im a big fan of cosying up and layering clothes so this cold weather isn’t too bad for me and i quite like the fact the knitted jumper reminds me of a stereotypical cartoon robber! My most recent purchases are the silver plated cross necklace i purchased off ASOS Marketplace from Minimum Mouse, i don’t own much silver jewellery and i love the simple design, so this is now my new favorite piece! As for the black plated tote.…It has been making its rounds in the blogging world and most people are heading to Zara. However this was a major bargain off EBay for only around £17 and i think im going to add some studs to add a little edginess to its girly style.

Oh and last of all, Ive finally had the chance to lighten the ends of my hair again as i was getting a little bored because the ends wern’t too obvious the first time and i think its turned out pretty well!!

Beki Xo