Chit Chat with Pleats & Pineapples

Shoes-Primark, Skirt-H&M, Top-RiverIsland, Earrings-OasisStores, Bag-Zara, Bracelets-RingsandTings, Rings-DorothyPerkins/H&M
Well I’ve finally comes to terms with the fact that I’m not only obsessed with items of clothing that acquire stripes but also that they practically make up 70% of my wardrobe. It must be a subconscious thing to instantly be attracted to anything with a striped pattern but then again I’m hardly adventurous when it comes to patterns and colour.
Nevertheless I am going to make an effort to quit buying striped items that are all almost identical to each other and give my wardrobe an injection of something new. Don’t get me wrong it’ll most likely going to be more black, grey, white or navy but it definitely won’t be striped.
Speaking of what’s in my wardrobe, I’ve recently had a huge eBay clear out and found myself with a few too many bare hangers. They’ll also more than likely be awaiting autumn/ winter clothing as I just don’t seem to be ‘shopper happy’ for clothing at the moment. I go through patches where I’m all about trying out new beauty products and other times where I go a little stir crazy for a wardrobe fix.
I find I’m all about clothing hauls in autumn/ winter and in summer it’s more about fixing my skin, trying new makeup and indulging in bath products. It’s probably because I prefer shopping for boots, jackets, scarves and jumpers more than summer t-shirts, shorts and sandals.
Anyone else find they go a little crazy for beauty products in the warmer months?
Beki Xo