Burlesque Fashion

First thought? Dita Von Teese – most beautiful naturally looking woman committed to Burlesque dancing and the 1940’s vintage style. Second thought? The only theatrical entertainment that requires very little clothing and lots of red lipstick. However fashion today and back then has always been inspired by the erotic dress sense of Burlesque dancers.

The original burlesque designs with their risqué overtones have become the fun fashion that has been adapted and adopted by many other trends as well as its original self. Typically burlesque fashion oozes sex appeal using only materials that catch the eye or feel indulgent to the touch. Materials and components such as silk, diamante, netting, lace, feathers, diamonds, flowers, satin and sequins.
Materials that influenced fashion today. The high-street especially is the easiest place to pick up clothing that is burlesque inspired.  Corsets,  Fish net tights, Stockings and most recently stocking tights, feather earrings, diamante chokers, frilly skirts, silk under-dresses, baby-dolls and all things Burlesque.

The Burlesque style is used in the high end designer campaigns and fashion editorials because it oozes glamour and makes a woman feel like she’s the centre of attention.

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