Alphabet Crops & Pinafores

Top- MotelRocks, Dress-RiverIsland, Shoes-Topshop, Bag-RiverIsland, Necklace-RingsandTings, Rings-H&M, Midi rings-DorothyPerkins
Back to school? There are just some things in your wardrobe that get layered over with new purchases or shoved to the back. Fortunately (after a wee while of thinking it was lost) I rediscovered an amazing River Island purchase… the pinafore midi dress.
In winter I’d typically team it with long sleeve jumpers and chunky knits but as the weathers warmed up (or had) its great with short sleeves and cropped tees!
I’ve recently been clearing my wardrobe of all those ‘I might wear in a couple months’ clothes that never actually get a holiday from the hanger and throwing them onto good ol’ Ebay. A deep wardrobe clear out is great and all but when you open the doors and realise that you now only have half the choice, it’s a little… well crap.  
I’ve never been one to splurge and if I do it’s because I got a little too ‘shopper happy’ and then later comes the guilt in which I end up returning more than half the items.
But fortunately I have a holiday coming up and the weather is getting warmer, put two and two together and that equals a good enough reason to go shopping.
We all know my love for cropped tees but recently It’s gotten a little hard to find exactly what I want in a cropped style. So much so I’ve decided pull out my GCSE Technology sewing skills and get creative. Pinterest has a whole lot of DIY posts on some pretty awesome tee’s so I’ve taken some inspiration and bought a bunch of cheap Primark tshirts. I’m planning to crop them myself but also add ‘cut outs’ and tie up the side as its works out so much cheaper!
Beki Xo