A Winter Bouquet With Prestige Flowers

The Winter Delight Bouquet – Prestige Flowers (*)

Bare trees, rain filled streets, frosty breath and warm cups of morning coffee. Its official that Autumn is here, Winter is on its way and Christmas is to follow. But with the need to wrap up warm and cower under an umbrella outside, inside you have cosy evenings, hot chocolate, fairy lights, spiced candles and pretty bouquets of Christmas inspired flowers. 
When i was given the opportunity to review a wonderful bouquet of ‘snow white roses, festive carnations, lilies and seasonal blooms’ i couldn’t help but feel but get a little excited about the festive period. Yes, for some the holiday is months away but for others the Christmas festivities are creeping up quite quickly and we will soon be (if not already) listening to classic songs, buying gifts and drinking spiced mulled wine. 
Prestige Flowers offer a wide range of luxurious floral bouquets to offer a Christmas display of incredibly beautiful flowers to decorate your home or to gift to someone special. The flowers come in a range of 3 different size bouquets to offer a thoughtful surprise, impressive bunch or incredibly beautiful large assemblage of flowers depending on your preference or gesture. 
It was a tough decision choosing my favourite bouquet from the range however i finally decided on The Winter Delight. A stunning mix of fresh linen white roses, frilled carnations, blossoming freeshia and punch packing lilies delicately placed between beautifully bold cabbage flowers, silver painted pine cones and seasonal twigs. This bouquet is beautifully unusual with its light festive touch and perfectly balanced flowers all used to create an impressively eye catching floral arrangement. 
Upon delivery the flowers arrived in a tall cardboard flower box, secured with template and delicately wrapped with cellophane and to keep them fresh whilst in transport Prestige Flowers attach a moisture bag to the bottom of the stems. Within the box was a tear shaped medium sized vase, a small box of delicious Beglian chocolates and a Flower Care Guide booklet. The small extras and the care information that arrived with the flowers was a nice touch to accompany a stunning bouquet. 
The booklet provides information on the care of each individual flowers, how to prepare the stems, how to make flowers last longer and the best place for them to stand. A huge help for the receiver and a thoughtful touch to get the most out of the floral bouquet.

The floral bouquet looked impressively stunning, high quality and unlike some flower deliveries I’ve received via post, each individual flower was perfectly formed with no unhealthy stems, ripped petals or loose cuttings.

After 3-4 days the lilies finally bloomed and the scent of the bouquet was equally as freshas the first day they were cut, prepared and delivered. After almost over 1 week (following the flower guide provided) the bouquet is still going strong, looking fresh and giving my home a wintery floral ftouch!
Beki Xo