A Strapless Helping Hand From Wonderbra

A Strapless Helping Hand From Wonderbra – The Ultimate Strapless Lace Bra (*)

Oh the struggle to find a strapless bra that will keep those babies up and securely fixed in place without having the constant need tug your bra back into place or require your friend to be on ‘boob watch’ all night.

There has been countless occasions where I’ve found the perfect LBD and then second guessed buying it due to the fact I either;

1: Require a strapless bra and don’t own one that’s comfortable enough to wear
2: Now own a strapless bra but can’t be bothered spending the whole night pulling it up
3: Find that the bra digs into all the wrong places… unflattering back bulge isn’t so glam
4: I require to keep my dignity whilst throwing some shapes on the dance floor and that bra just doesn’t stay up
5. … well i think you get the idea.

I personally like to show off my ‘shoulder cleavage’ and so almost all my little black dresses consist of that classic bardot style with the low slung straps. I’ve probably been on a ‘strapless bra hunt’ for a good few years now and yes i had given up, which either meant that i went au-natural with a little boob tape or wore a elasticated bondeau bra which practically did nothing. I figured that maybe my boobs are just too big for your average strapless bra and so nothing was going to keep them in place without having the need constantly play tug of war with gravity vs the bra.

However when i was given the opportunity by Wonderbra to review one of their Ultimate Strapless Lace Bra’s i jumped at the chance. What have i got to lose? Maybe this could be the one?

The bra itself is absolutely stunning with its romantic style nude base and sexy black lace. The design features ‘unique hand-technology’ to support, shape and enhance the bust with tiny silicone micro beads scattered under the cups and across the straps all the way to the hook and eye fastening.

The fit of the bra couldn’t be more perfect as the cups comfortable sit my boobs and the larger straps perfectly wrap around my sides and back, shaping, smoothing and lending a helping hand. I even (embarrassingly in my bedroom) did the infamous ”Dance Floor Test’ with this bra and can honestly say that it did not shift!

I’m absolutely thrilled that I’ve finally found the perfect strapless bra and throw a promise out to all those large breasted ladies that this is ‘The One’.

*Does the Dance Floor Test*

Beki Xo