A First Look At My New Scandinavian Style Home

If you follow me on social media you’ll know that less than 3 months ago I finally moved into a house! It’s feels incredible to actually own MY home and get busy making it exactly how I’ve always wanted. In the run up to buying the house I’d fell deep, deep into Pinterest (which I still do every so often) and there for had all my home decor inspiration ready and waiting to be put to creative use. You’ll find my board >here<

It’s only been 2.5 months and (as always) we’ve done a hell of a lot of work, which probably had something to do with going heavy on the home front in the first few weeks with a massive help from my Dad. Before we moved in it was basically a shell with just the necessities. And although living with no flooring, on a make shift couch and with cardboard boxes littering the room was kind of fun for the first few weeks… it was stressful and not that comfy or ‘homely’. 

But now we’re getting there. There’s still a handful of things to do on the ground floor but it’s pretty much there with the spare room being next and then the bedroom! 

So all though I don’t feel comfortable posting dozens of full photos of my home on the internet, I thought I’d share with you guys just a few sneak peeks of our Scandinavian-esque style. 

Beki Xo