16 Fashion Rules Fashion Itself Binned

16 Fashion Rules that Fashion Binned

Its happens. Those hideous brightly colored Aztec shorts you wore in the 90’s have made an appearance in your favorite high street store and for some reason you sort of like them? You can’t explain it but fashion goes full circle and you’ll always find that, that strong dislike for that neon crop tops in the 90’s is now a rediscovered love in the 21st Century. Although old trends will make an appearence again and again, what fashion rules have fashion itself totally scrapped? 
  1. Thou shalt not wear brown with black or black with navy.
  2. Thou shalt not wear tights with peep toes shoes.
  3. Thou shalt only wear maxi skirts in Summer.
  4. Thou shalt only wear 1 type of metal jewellery
  5. Thou shalt always match shoes with handbag.
  6. Thou shalt only wear trainers/ pumps for the gym.
  7. Thou shalt never wear neon unless on holiday.
  8. Thou shalt never show our underwear under clothes.
  9. Thou shalt only wear leather in the form of jackets.
  10. Thou shalt only wear one statement ring.
  11. Thou shalt not wear more than one design print
  12. Thou shalt not wear sequins before 6pm.
  13. Thou shall always cover our midriff.
  14. Thou shalt not wear horizontal stripes.
  15. Thou shalt never wear slipper shoes outside the house.
  16. Thou shalt only buy my size.
Beki Xo