12 Things That Go Through My Mind When I’m Washing Makeup Brushes

12 Things That Go Through My Mind When I’m Washing Makeup Brushes

Let’s face it, no one likes washing their makeup brushes. Those 15 minutes feel longer than 1 minute of planking, then there’s the foundation splash marks left around the sink and quite frankly it all just feels like too much effort. But there’s just something about freshly washed makeup brushes that make it all worth it… when you can actually be bothered.

For those times when I finally psyche myself up to cleaning my makeup brushes, this is what goes through my mind…

1. When did I even last wash these?
2. Maybe I’ll just wash my foundation brush and leave the rest.
3. I swear there’s a better way to clean them than this.
4. This is too much effort; I might revert back to using my fingers.
5. I really hope my foundation isn’t as orange as this water.
6. S**t, I’ve got foundation water on my white t-shirt.
7. How am I going to explain the state of the sink to my boyfriend?
8. I wish someone would invent a ‘dish washer’ for makeup brushes
9. Oh FFS, I don’t even want to tackle the beauty blender.
10. This sponge thing never looks clean I don’t know why I bother.
11. I swear 1 beauty blender could soak up a whole swimming pool of water
12. May be I shouldn’t be so honest when I write this blog post, I sound so moany.


Beki Xo